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2013-04-06 17:57:56 by TDK1987

Hey you! Yes you! Go watch these cartoons that i've lent my vocals to

Dual Force by Twisted4000 (I play Death)
Oddball: Barrels by Kreid (I play Happy Barrels owner #1)

Also a couple of audio bits and pieces, ajiman has mixed my "Invictus" track into a song, which is pretty cool.

Also I recorded the first couple of pages of the Sherlock Holmes story "A Scandal in Bohemia" (I'll get round to recording the rest once I've finished off a few other audio projects... Man Flu related delays)

Hope you like one or more of those links. It's a bit of a variation (And makes me look like I've been doing something and not procrastinating the next Half Full Episode)

Next project i'll probably pop up in is Kreid's love letter to 90's Cartoon Network "Vampire Pixel".

But yeah, till next time i'm on Twitterif you want up to the minute updates or to follow my various project thingys hit that "Follow TDK1987" button. I dare you.



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2013-04-06 20:38:07

Your voice is just amazing, and you did an awesome job in Barrels and Dual Force, nice work!


2013-04-07 07:07:18

Just watched DualForce yesterday, and that was some great voice acting. Nice work!


2013-04-07 23:04:54

Eggplant Sandwich

(Updated ) TDK1987 responds:

Aubergine Sandwich