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Animation tests/ Half Full Episode 9 Stuff

2012-11-14 05:07:20 by TDK1987

Hi NG,

I've been playing around more with motion tweens recently. I know a lot of peeps out there are staunchly anti computer motion but they do help speed up the process quite a bit (I'd probably still be on Episode 2 of Half Full without them)

Also having sexy looking FBF animation is nice but I usually try and focus on the plot and stuff (Cue cries of "Plot!? What Plot!?) Well that and I still need way more practice with FBF.

Anyway here's an animation test with Tweens on the Half Full 9 villain (Voiced by Adoxographist) : ===Link here===

I haven't completely abandoned Frame by Frame, here's a short Walk Cycle I made about a week ago

I've no idea when Half Full Episode 9 will be out but watch this space.

Oh and also - Like me, pretty please? My feeling of self worth as a human-being and my number of Newgrounds fans are directly connected.



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