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2016-12-07 02:59:28 by TDK1987


Half Full Episode 9: Online now!

2015-10-20 09:37:44 by TDK1987

Half Full is back! Go watch!


Big thanks to Twisted4000 and Adoxographist for lending their vocals, and RobSoundtrack for the Half Full theme!



Go vote now!!!

Half Full Episode 9 preview #2

2015-10-05 18:18:44 by TDK1987

New episode of Half Full coming in a couple of weeks!


Half Full Episode 9 Preview #2

2015-10-05 17:51:47 by TDK1987

New episode of Half Full should be ready in a couple of weeks!



Half Full Episode 9 preview

2015-09-16 18:38:34 by TDK1987

So this is a thing that i'm working on.



Hi there you!

Here's one of the villains from Half Full Episode 9. New episode will be out at the end of the month/October.



Go watch/Review my latest animation extravaganza!!!

2015-08-28 17:25:44 by TDK1987

It kinda came out of judgement and seemed to be ignored. Go Watch, Review and be Merry!

Next cartoon will be Half Full Episode 9 (It's still a thing, baby!)

Half Full Episode 9 update

2015-08-22 17:35:45 by TDK1987

I've been incredibly rubbish at producing new episodes of Half Full, the last HF related cartoon came out in 2013 (The Break Up Guy). I've had the damn audio files for the next episode recorded since late 2012, there's been a need to rewrite the start of the episode as a kind of soft reboot to reintroduce the world to anyone unfamilar with the characters (Which is pretty much everyone at this point lol..).

Hopefully i'll soon have the next one finished over the next couple of months, it's a fairly complicated affair at the moment as i'm still experimenting with a completly new animation program (Anime Studio). Still i'm fairly happy with the results (As can be seen in my most recent animation).

At the moment i'm working on updating the Molly Hardy character design (Last seen in Half Full Episode 4). I really wish I hadn't given her curly hair, it's maddening to animate.



I got 200 views!

2015-08-16 05:02:24 by TDK1987

200 people watched my cartoon! :D.



Seriously though, where'd everyone go? I only turned my back for two seconds.