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Half Full's ALIVE!?

2013-06-30 14:43:23 by TDK1987

Click here to go see new video!

After a 6 month break I've decided to jump back into it. Not sure when it'll be finished but it'll be ready some point over the next couple of months hopefully.


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2013-07-06 10:17:49

Thank God, I think I'm actually -in- this next one. I remember the script being, how you say, giggletastic.

TDK1987 responds:

Yup, you're in there :D (Sorry it's taken so long I just needed to take time out from it)


2013-06-30 22:32:29

I need my fix!!
*cracked out*


2013-06-30 16:38:44

I came here for half life, I didn't get what I want.

TDK1987 responds:

I like to differentiate stuff by reading words, It comes in handy.